Devin Grant


Location: San Antonio, Texas
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215
Overview: Offensive MVP

Gender: Male
DOB: September 1st
Level: For Fun

Academic Overview

Graduation Year: 2020
Wants to be Recruited: Yes
Looking for Scholarships: Yes

Sport Overview

Sports Played: Football
Primary Position: Running back
Secondary Position: Defensive end

Instagram Account

Snapchat Account

Latest Tweets

10/17/2018: RT @janthuny: I need a boo who’s first team all common sense

10/15/2018: RT @ReggieB__: underrated movie

10/14/2018: Scary terry !! 😱😱

10/9/2018: Go check this out !! 🤷‍♂️🏈🖤

10/7/2018: RT @lmPostMalone: if u don’t retweet this... your worst month starts now

9/27/2018: RT @kholm22: Blessed to receive a invite to the blue grey all American bowl

9/23/2018: RT @c_toro5: Yo twitter let’s make it happen

9/22/2018: RT @lowkeyclutch: when the teacher doesn’t think you’re paying attention so they ask you a question and you get the answer correct https://…

9/14/2018: RT @lucyhale: My first and only time in Brooklyn. I wanna go back.

9/13/2018: RT @Jinchuuriking: The Karate Kid (1984)

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