Devin Grant


Location: San Antonio, Texas
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215
Overview: Offensive MVP

Gender: Male
DOB: September 1st
Level: For Fun

Academic Overview

Graduation Year: 2020
Wants to be Recruited: Yes
Looking for Scholarships: Yes

Sport Overview

Sports Played: Football
Primary Position: Running back
Secondary Position: Defensive end

Instagram Account

Snapchat Account

Latest Tweets

12/13/2018: RT @DLineVids: Josh Allen with the hesi set up. He goes inside jab step/swipe/rip & turns the corner on the OL for the sack! #PassRush http…

12/13/2018: RT @thomas_howard33: Lol I den seen some boys turn soft from this drill 🤭🤢🤮

12/13/2018: Blessed to be selected For All State Defensive end!!! #campaign3 next season is gonna be something serious 🤕🖤🖤

12/11/2018: RT @nochillnala: Y’all need to watch this entire clip bc this NEEDS attention.

12/10/2018: RT @quotezbaby: This 2 second video is proof Disney back then was better 😭

12/9/2018: RT @ochocinco: Mahomes with a no look basketball pass on a football field:

12/9/2018: RT @willis_cj: Riverdale is better than 13 Reasons Why

12/9/2018: RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, although I don’t deserve it, even though at times I don’t think; or see how things are going to happen…

12/8/2018: RT @AntonianBBall: 📊Final Stats from the 🚢 🅰️🏀 (18-5) @JuanReynalll 28pts |3rebs @dghoops_ 19pts |7rebs |3ast|2stl @felix_chance 11pts |1…

12/8/2018: RT @AntonianBBall: Congrats to Juan Reyna and Devin Grant‼️ @JuanReynalll Ⓜ️♈️🅿️ @dghoops_ 🎖 #RollTribe 🅰️

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