Location: San Francisco, California
Type: Character Building
Levels: High School
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Sports: Football (American)
Genders: Female/Male

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2/24/2018: Great read! “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Max Planck…


2/23/2018: One without the other will only take you so far. Both, will make you dangerous.


2/22/2018: If you want to be your own M.V.P. implement this daily practice. Meditation. Visualization. Positive Affirmations.…

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2/21/2018: The Seal mindset can be applied into sports and other aspects of life. The harder you train, the higher chance you…

2/20/2018: Changing any behavior starts with a consistent mindset. Once you put yourself in motion, you will most likely stay…

2/20/2018: Take responsibility of your mindset. At the end of day, you are the one that controls.

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GAMEFACE PERFORMANCE is a consulting firm that enhances mental skills for athletes and coaches to improve performance in sport. In the sporting world, athletes and coaches contend with internal and external factors including performance anxiety, energy/stress management, confidence issues, attention/concentration control, conflict management, season/career ending injuries, etc. GAMEFACE PERFORMANCE focuses on a holistic, inside/out approach to enhance and improve with individuals mental approach to their game. We believe that athletes today can’t afford to rely solely on their physical talents. Connecting the mind and body to produce an elite mindset to overcome internal and external distractions while performing is vital. What separates the good from the elite is mental performance.