UFC Gym Perimeter


Location: Atlanta - Perimeter, Georgia
Type: Sports and Athletic Training
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Age Groups: All Ages
Genders: Female/Male

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I'm only coming through Atlanta for a short time for work, but I wanted to work with a personal trainer to help me kickstart a new routine, and get back into shape. I sent them an e-mail to which they responded immediately, and the very same day, I met with someone to discuss what I was looking for, and based on my expectations and availability, they suggested which trainer it would be best for me to work with. On our first meeting, Daniel (my trainer) was great about explaining everything in detail. He helped me understand what we would do with the number of sessions I purchased to help me reach my goals. All my training sessions so far have been great. On days where I'm a little too sore to work on something, he tailors the workouts a bit for me. He works around injuries, and is fabulous at avoiding boredom with mundane workouts (I get very easily bored at gyms... not here!). He is very careful to ensure you maintain good form during your sessions to avoid injuries, and he's very professional and motivating. The gym itself is very clean, and all the staff and members are always pleasant. Although my time with my Atlanta gym family is coming to an end, I've had such a great experience with the UFC Gym at this location, that I plan to look for the one nearest my next work assignment in hopes that they will be as wonderful as this group has been. Thanks UFC Gym Perimeter for making me feel like part of the family even for just a short time!! Yelp Review.


Awesome place and amazing staff. Would recommend to anyone. My wife was a beginner and I was a little bit more advance and each workout/class was attainable for both of us. The coaches are also great with technique when you are performing something wrong. You get a lot for a great price.


Around $100 a month.