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Your reviews drive SportChirp.

We want to know your experience while being a part of sports teams across all sports and any level! Your feedback on the teams you were apart of will are crucial to helping athletes, parents and coaches in our community better navigate their athletic career.

Who can write reviews?

Our community is made up of athletes, parents and coaches. Although we encourage you to sign up and define your user type prior to leaving a review - we do allow for anyone to leave a review - even without signing up. All reviews left on SportChirp and shown in our community will be marked with the user type of of the reviewer - anonymous (user who has never signed up), athlete, parent or coach.

How can I write great reviews?

Stay focused. | When you are writing the review, remember, you want to provide additional insights on what it's like to be a part of that team. The more focused and specific you are the better.

Be Sincere. | We want you to write your honest opinion about teams. Constructive critisicm will never be rejected. That will only provide better insights to other people in our community.

Explain why and suggest solution. | Make sure you always address why you feel the way you do and if possible always suggest a solution to the problem.

Why was my review rejected or removed?

The review was not about a team. | If your review does not resemble a sports team then it will be rejected.

Foul language. | Any foul language will be rejected immediatley. No exceptions.

Hate & Offensive speech. | Only custructive critisism is accepted. No hate or slander accepted.


Make sure your team and organization is searchable.

Although we would like to think our team can submit every team in the world onto SportChirp, the truth is we can't becuase there are so many across every sport and level. So we welcome your help to help our community thrive.

Who can submit a team or organization?

Anyone can submit a team or organization. It will then go through a review internally.

Why was my team or organization submission rejected?

The submission was not a real team. | Our analysts will review and if your submission does not resemble a sports team then it will be rejected.


Take control of your team or organizations brand.

When submiting a manage team or manage organization request all contribution guidelines stand. In addition to the detailed contribution guidelines for managing a page, you must be signed in and check the box that you are legally someone who can represent your team or organization.